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From Chris Adler

“Proud to be a part of this. I’ll delve into more details soon, but for now I’ll try to explain the concept… We can hear ourselves. We can watch ourselves. What if we could view the actions of both – not as a simple snapshot, rather a period of time or in this case, entire pieces of music. What does our creativity appear as when captured in its entirety?
My drumming has always allowed me to experience emotions and express myself in ways I was unable or incapable of expressing otherwise.
I often see colors when I play, but hadn’t considered how actions fed by creativity and emotion would appear visually, even to myself.
In many ways I now see a dimension I was unaware of and it motivates me even more, and hopefully you as well, to see how closely it actually resembles what I’ve exorcised in my craft.
It’s not for everyone and I know it’s a bit “heady,” but to me it’s a vivid look inside my heart, mind, and creative energy that fuel these songs. I hope you enjoy it and it motivates you as well.”

— Chris Adler